Friday, August 29, 2014

Eight Months

Today marks eight months since Jeff has been gone.

It is also the month when all the fantasy football drafts are taking place.  Jeff was a huge fantasy football guy. I think he was in 5 or 6 leagues.  He was the commissioner for one and a co-commissioner for two on top of playing in 2 or 3 other leagues.  I have no idea how he kept them all straight.

His dad and brother have taken his spot in most of the leagues but the one he commissioned doesn't exist anymore.

Fantasy football took up so much of Jeff's time.  I never thought I would miss him playing but I do. 

I miss him sitting down with a fantasy football magazine taking copious notes on all of the players for his many drafts.  I miss watching him check his score over and over again on his phone, the computer, or the iPad and sometimes even all three!  I miss watching him get excited during the games when one of his players scored points that he really needed to win.  I really miss watching him be torn between rooting for our hometown team and rooting for a wide receiver, quarterback, running back, or even the kicker for the other team because he needed the points to win.  I miss everything about him and fantasy football because I know how much he loved it.

Last year we were in a family league together.  It was the only time I have ever been in a fantasy football league and I actually beat him in our match up even when he refused to help me.  I know he didn't enjoy losing but deep down I know he was proud of me and he enjoyed seeing me get excited about something he loved so much.

I made it to the finals against his brother but ended up losing.  He was still proud of me.  He said he thought I had improved a lot and was impressed with how I dropped and picked up players without his help.  He said I made some great moves. 

The family league is playing again, this year with one less family member, and I don't know how I feel about that.  I'm playing something that I used to find annoying but because of him, I kind of like now.  I hope he'll be proud of my moves again this year.

Jeff was so loud, especially during football season, and at times that used to drive me nuts.  The house will be very quiet this football season.  I already miss his noise and it's only pre-season.

Eight months without him, a lifetime to go.

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