Monday, September 29, 2014

Nine Months

Nine months ago today, Jeff died.

I remember right after he died, I thought about if I had gotten pregnant right before he died I would have a baby around this time.  I would have a little piece of Jeff running around, reminding me of him constantly. 

Sometimes I think that Jeff's child would be a tribute to his life, as that child matured, his/her life would be like Jeff still living.  But then I'm reminded of all of the other tributes to Jeff.  A child is not the only way Jeff lives on. 

There have been so many tributes to Jeff since he died.  There have been golf tournaments, softball tournaments, and bocce ball tournaments dedicated to him.  There are multiple fantasy football tournaments dedicated to him.  There is a Facebook page someone created in memory of him.  All of these tributes constantly remind me of how special he really was and the impact he made on so many different people.

So even though Jeff never had a child, so many other tributes live on.  He will always be remembered and loved, which will ensure that he always lives on.

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