Friday, February 6, 2015

Am I Dating?

Am I dating?  Yes, that is a question.

Remember when I said I was looking for a pen pal or what I called a "distraction" in a previous blog?  It's interesting how quickly things change.

One particular "distraction" is flying 500 miles just to meet me this weekend.  Talk about pressure!

This started innocently enough with emails, progressed to phone calls and one marathon 3 hour FaceTime "date" where we ate dinner together, and since then, constant communication through texting or talking on the phone.  We essentially have been communicating everyday for the past 2 weeks.

I don't know how it happened.  Some friends say I was so charming and fantastic that he just has to meet me.  Some say that he sounds desperate.  All say to be careful.  I am listening to all advice.

He works for Apple and travels a lot for work.  He said he had a free flight and hotel so he might as well use it to come and meet me this weekend.

We are meeting in a public place.  He will not know where I live.  I am nervous but I can't help but be excited at the same time. 

So does this mean I'm dating?

I guess I'll find out after I meet him.

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