Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wedding Anniversary

My sixth wedding anniversary is coming up in a week. Jeff and I were married April 8th, 2011.  The first part of April is very busy since my twin nieces were born March 31st and both my mom and my brother in laws birthdays are in the first weeks of April.

People usually remember Jeff's birthday and sometimes even the day he died but our wedding anniversary is a date that I tend to have to remind people of.

Yesterday, I was busy making my nieces birthday cakes and about 50 cupcakes for their 5th birthday party for today and I decided to take a little break on the couch in between bakes.  I was just pondering about my anniversary and where my life is now since we were married when our wedding song came on Pandora. I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again, I rarely hear our wedding song so when I do hear it, I believe that it's coming from Jeff.

At the very moment I was thinking about our upcoming anniversary, Jeff was saying hello.  I haven't cried in a while over missing Jeff, but when I heard our song I started bawling. I've definitely moved forward in life since he's been gone and I know that he sees and knows what I'm up to, but it is always so awesome to get a sign that he's still with me.

So I had myself a good cry for the duration of the song. It's hard not being a bit sad and nostalgic around our anniversary. Once the song ended, I wiped off my tears, picked myself up and finished making cupcakes.

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