Thursday, December 22, 2016

Contact Not a Coincidence

I always want Jeff to make contact with me, to send me little signs, or even big signs that he's still around.  This time he didn't make contact with me, he made it with Wyoming.

Wyoming needed new winter tires so he was doing some research and came across a website that sold a specific tire that he liked. The website had an 888 toll free customer service contact number so he called it to get some information on these tires he was interested in buying. It turned out that nobody answered the customer service number so he hung up and figured he would try again another time. He went back and looked at his call log later in the day and was shocked to see that there was a name attached to the number he had called from the website. A specific persons name showing up on a cell phone call log for a toll free customer service number is very odd. But what really caught his attention was the name itself. It was Jeff's first and last name.

Wyoming was unsure if he wanted to tell me or not and he kind of had a hard time explaining it so he ended up sending me a screen shot of his call log and there it was, Jeff's first and last name next to an 888 toll free customer service number. These kinds of things can't just be coincidences.

I couldn't believe that Jeff was making contact with Wyoming. I was a little shocked and amazed at first.  My immediate reaction was to smile and clap my hands because I was so excited to hear from Jeff. But then my guilt monster told me that Jeff was making contact because I will be in Wyoming over Jeff's third anniversary. I know I needed to fight my guilt monster and the idea that Jeff is not happy with me being with Wyoming over his third year anniversary so I tried to rationalize it as Jeff making contact with Wyoming not me. If Jeff was upset with me, wouldn't he have made contact with me?  He didn't make contact with me, he made it with Wyoming. Maybe this was Jeff's way of saying that he's watching?  Maybe this is Jeff's way of saying hello?  Maybe this was Jeff's way of giving his blessing?

Then I started thinking about how I'm trying to rationalize something that is irrational and reminded myself not to overthink things. But that is a really hard thing for me to do.  I'm just so good at overthinking.

Maybe I shouldn't read into it and just be happy that Jeff made contact.

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