Saturday, December 26, 2015

I Survived!

I survived Christmas relatively unscathed this year.

There was of course the typical Christmas family drama (what's Christmas with 20 adults and multiple children all crammed into the same space without a little yelling and crying?  What do you mean we only have 5 potatoes and not 10 pounds of potatoes?  What do you mean I am the one who has to go find an open grocery store to buy 10 pounds of potatoes even though I wasn't in charge of mashed potatoes this year?) but I didn't let it phase me or stress me out like I would have in past years.

Christmas is ever evolving.  This is the second Christmas without Jeff and Grandma.  It also felt different this year because one of my uncles is in the hospital awaiting a lung transplant, my mom is battling health issues, and one of my cousins is going through a nasty custody battle and also recovering from a heart attack, while another cousin is in jail. 

But, it was still Christmas.  It was still full of food, family, laughter, and love.  Well, at least in between the yelling and crying.

I have come to realize I would rather have yelling and crying and chaos at Christmas because that means there is family, who even if they might not get along all the time, still love each other enough to come together, maybe fight a little, but all sit down and genuinely enjoy each other's company than a quiet, lonely Christmas. 

Hopefully your Christmas was everything you wanted it to be, whether that means it was chaotic, yet full of love, or it was peaceful and routine.

Merry Christmas everybody. 

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